Commercial, industrial and financial partnerships

The Middle East’s industrial fabric has grown rapidly over the last ten years. This spectacular growth reflects the determination of leaders not only to put in place a “post oil” economy, but also to offer interesting career and management opportunities to an increasing flow of young graduates.

The implementation of major industrial programmes linked to the rapid expansion of sectors such as energy, high technology, construction, infrastructures and transport has enabled numerous multinationals to establish a presence in the Middle East, with the related demand for local sub-contractors and partnerships.

Transfers of knowledge and technology and the development of an offsets policy, now make it essential to set up commercial and industrial partnerships. Moreover, such partnerships are facilitated by the absence (or low levels) of taxation and the presence of a skilled and relatively cheap multinational labour force.

Changing mentalities have moreover fundamentally transformed the objectives of countries in the Middle East which now want partners, instead of simply suppliers. Their substantial financial resources are also encouraging them to invest increasingly in Europe.

What is the best way of dealing with their proposals, how should you negotiate their participating interests and how should you involve them in order to ensure their long-term loyalty as partners?

In this highly dynamic part of the world, Dune Development can help you to transform your initial initiative into a true external growth strategy.

Dune Development can help you to ensure the long-term viability of your relationships with your partners, monitor the utilisation of resources and control the return on your investments.

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