Negotiations and commercial representation

Shaped by many millennia of relations between East and West, the Middle East and South East Asia are now more than ever in transitions, adapting to shifts in global economic power and trading.

Cities such as Dubai, Jeddah and Kuala Lumpur often have as much in common with world trade centers such as London and Paris, as with their own hinterland. But the footprint of local culture is so strong that the term “modernization” cannot describe fully the current trend.

The mindset of managers in the Middle East is based on adaptation and not adoption, and combines ancient traditions with viewpoints which they consider to be appropriate in a globalized world. The resultant fusion defies any simplistic generalization.

All foreign companies doing business in the region must therefore understand how external pressures govern behavior, independently of their business models.

Dune Development can advise, assist or represent you in your export initiatives and your commercial negotiations where any impatience or linear projections based on previous results are likely to be a strategic error.

2013 - All right reserved

2013 - All right reserved