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Strategic intelligence

Monitoring actions, analysis, geopolitical, political, economic and financial research: strategic intelligence has become a key instrument in corporate decision-making.

The need to take account of the complexity of trade and markets, intensified by the difference of culture, makes it necessary to have greater in-depth knowledge of the environments concerned before acting: competitors, sub-contractors, industrial partners, clients, policy makers, people of influence, suppliers and associations are all potential sources of opportunities or threats.

Thanks to its expertise and knowledge of the Arab world and its networks of decision-makers, Dune Development can provide you with indispensable information that will enable you to develop an analytical framework and define your strategy.

Influence network mapping

Over and above the quality of your products and services, the innovative nature of your solutions and the effectiveness of your technology, understanding the networks of influence at play is a crucial asset in decision-making in the Middle East.

Ancestral cultures and the major role of influential families, for example, have a key role in the way business is conducted.

Dune Development helps you to identify, understand and map :

  • The main actors, their connections and their areas of influence
  • The official structures, their organization and decision-making channels
  • The support networks and partners of your competitors
  • Visible and invisible connections and alliances
  • The underlying business and power networks
  • Potential partners and support networks
  • The organization of dominant companies and a biography of their executives

Strategic marketing

Since the beginning of their economic development linked to the exploitation of the huge oil and natural gas resources, the Arab Gulf States and, by mirror effect, many South-East Asian countries, have profoundly changed their sourcing habits.

The exponential growth of needs and markets has accelerated their maturity and provided interlocutors (both institutional and private sector) with an incomparable experience which makes them today extremely professional, selective and demanding.

Faced with increasingly heterogeneous markets, increasingly dense industrial networks associated with the emergence of a network of competing companies or partners and the implementation of increasingly complex purchasing decision-making processes, it is necessary to put in place, upstream of your marketing actions, an efficient strategic marketing approach which Dune Development can help you to define, structure and implement.

Commercial, industrial and financial partnerships

The Middle East’s industrial fabric has grown rapidly over the last ten years. This spectacular growth reflects the determination of leaders not only to put in place a “post oil” economy, but also to offer interesting career and management opportunities to an increasing flow of young graduates.

The implementation of major industrial programmes linked to the rapid expansion of sectors such as energy, high technology, construction, infrastructures and transport has enabled numerous multinationals to establish a presence in the Middle East, with the related demand for local sub-contractors and partnerships.

Transfers of knowledge and technology and the development of an offsets policy, now make it essential to set up commercial and industrial partnerships. Moreover, such partnerships are facilitated by the absence (or low levels) of taxation and the presence of a skilled and relatively cheap multinational labour force.

Changing mentalities have moreover fundamentally transformed the objectives of countries in the Middle East which now want partners, instead of simply suppliers. Their substantial financial resources are also encouraging them to invest increasingly in Europe.

What is the best way of dealing with their proposals, how should you negotiate their participating interests and how should you involve them in order to ensure their long-term loyalty as partners?

In this highly dynamic part of the world, Dune Development can help you to transform your initial initiative into a true external growth strategy.

Dune Development can help you to ensure the long-term viability of your relationships with your partners, monitor the utilisation of resources and control the return on your investments.

Negotiations and commercial representation

Shaped by many millennia of relations between East and West, the Middle East and South East Asia are now more than ever in transitions, adapting to shifts in global economic power and trading.

Cities such as Dubai, Jeddah and Kuala Lumpur often have as much in common with world trade centers such as London and Paris, as with their own hinterland. But the footprint of local culture is so strong that the term “modernization” cannot describe fully the current trend.

The mindset of managers in the Middle East is based on adaptation and not adoption, and combines ancient traditions with viewpoints which they consider to be appropriate in a globalized world. The resultant fusion defies any simplistic generalization.

All foreign companies doing business in the region must therefore understand how external pressures govern behavior, independently of their business models.

Dune Development can advise, assist or represent you in your export initiatives and your commercial negotiations where any impatience or linear projections based on previous results are likely to be a strategic error.

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Risk evaluation

In these highly strategic regions, marked by ongoing geopolitical transformations, the notion of country risk is an operational reality for all companies.

The sectors concerned are no longer simply limited to banking and insurance. They now include all categories of companies exporting, sub-contracting or investing .

In response to various problems that you may face, Dune Development will work closely alongside you to map risks :

  • political,
  • social
  • ethnic and identity-related,
  • geopolitical,
  • security-related,
  • economic,
  • financial,
  • legal,
  • natural and environmental,
  • relative to communications and information systems,
  • health,
  • humanitarian

A relevant evaluation of these risks will help you to avoid them or at least to limit their effects and plan the implementation of your operations.

Project monitoring

The initiation, momentum and dynamics of a new export project naturally call for rapid action. But, although enthusiasm and imagination are essential for the attainment of objectives, they are not enough.

Success in the Arab world also depends on rigorous project monitoring in a different cultural environment.

Thanks to its expertise, Dune Development can support or represent you during the various phases of your projects, such as :

  • Putting in place a responsibilities matrix and ensuring that it is respected
  • Monitoring compliance with the work calendar and key phases
  • Monitoring compliance with quality standards
  • Monitoring the correct allocation of time and resources with your partners, sub-contractors and clients
  • Managing on-site organizational problems with your teams
  • Managing external risks linked to changes in objectives and/or priorities at your partners or clients.

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